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Perfect Mini Spa represents a major step as part of a positive lifestyle change, a change that looks to handpick some of the best products and put to practice the skills and experience built up over many years travelling the world working within the Spa and Wellness industry.

Inspired by some of the world’s most exclusive and desirable Spa’s, but also the cultures and practices that underpin them, Perfect Mini Spa was born through its world travelling founder who wants to give back to those who need it most. Perfect Mini Spa wish to provide a little help along the journey of life with guidance and support towards inner peace, mindfulness and the perfect stress resilience through luxury products and treatment experiences

Conscious of our environmental footprint, Perfect Mini Spas boutique offers a collection of ethically sourced, natural and organic products. We are also great advocates of the ever-increasing focus on sustainability and understand our responsibility as part of this which is why we will also look to give back with contributions most notably to Plastic Oceans UK, but also The Mind Charity and Cancer Research UK

To put it simply, Perfect Mini Spa is about bringing a smile to our clients faces and dedicating a moment in time to another person for a reason that is unique & personal to them.


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