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This unique combination of aloe vera an effective anti-inflammatory and collagen ideal for maintaining joint, muscle and bone health provides immediate pain relief naturally.

  • Recharges
  • Warming
  • Ideal for pre & post work out


An invigorating lotion ideal for tired muscles, refreshing quick fix of relief, PainNoMore™ has a wonderful warming sensation to instantly eases those aches & pains perfect to recharge and restore body and mind

Spa tip
Applying painnomore to those aching muscles throughout the day can be a great way to ease tension, if doing gentle stretches before and after exercise following a light application to prioritize those aches and pains
Holding you hand directly Infront of oyur face (away from eyes and mouth) take three deep breaths (x 3) this will clear sinuses and congestion. If needed for congestion add around 10p size to warm water and stir for a few moments take deep breaths and inhale the up-lifting aroma.

Application steps
Apply and massage a small amount to your priority area like the shoulders, knees & ankles apply though out the day if needed

Advisory information
Not to be used on broken skin, avoid contact with eyes, Not to be ingested, Not suitable for pregnancy not intended for use under age of 18 keep out reach of children store in a cool dry place always read label

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2kg, 4kg

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